You will find your timbered panel at Timmerpanel AB

We Have The Right Alternative For You If You Want To Recoat Your House Or Cabin And Make It Look Like A Timbered House.

Explanation of terms:
The following terms are included by the term timbered panel work: hewed panel work, facing timber, heated timber and broad-axed panel work.

Our timbered panel work is very popular among our customers. It's easy to mount on both old and new houses.

Build your own house, garage, boat house, sauna, garden shed, härbre (log-cabin raised from the ground), outhouse etc.

Interior for hotel, restaurant and stores etc.
Interior for walls and ceilings in your house and summer house.
The similarity to a real timbered house is striking, but to a fraction of the price.

We know loghouses. Talk to us about loghouses.

Look at our pages for inspiration and ideas about houses and colours.